文字盤はこの時計のためにデザインした文字盤で名作と呼ばれる時計のHOMAGE、完全に手作業で作っています。インデックスは針で塗り込む手載せルミノール。TOKYO MADEは自信の表れです。



ムーブはSwiss製Unitas Cal.6497-1。ETAが吸収する前の本物UNITASを使用しています。


ストラップはBLACKSEALタイプの26mm幅。購入される方の腕を考え2種類を作りました。どちらか一本をお選び下さい。このストラップは使い込むと本当にかっこよくなります。Veg Tan Leather、普通のヌメ革とも違い柔らかくスベスベしています。また、風合いが変わるのでワックスやオイルなどの塗布はお勧めしていません。


ノーマル: 75mmX130mm (腕周り150〜185mm)

 ロング : 87mmX153mm(腕周り170〜205mm)








EXPERIENCER · · · experienced man. Knowing the maniac and every watch, I I will recommend one pioneer to you looking for.

The case is SUS 316 47 mm case. We add reshapes as a whole, and finish up until the shape becomes cool. Therefore, some aging treatment is given. The crown was processed with the oxidation catalyst solution and blackened the spline.

The case back will be display back. Usage is life waterproof.

The dial is HOMAGE of a watch called masterpiece on the dial which we designed for this watch, it is build it completely by hand works. Index is needle hand-painted with Luminol. TOKYO MADE is a sign of confidence.

The hands are penci handsl plated with nickel. The minute hand made a long thing with an image sticking to the circle line of the circumference especially particular. It is not a cheap continental watch.

Small second hand puts white, and on the round part of the end part it is carrying luminol.

Move is made by Swiss Unitas Cal 6497-1. I use real UNITAS before ETA absorbs.

The glass is dome shaped and dare mineral glass. Actually, I found that this shape is stronger than sapphire.

The strap is 26 mm wide of the BLACKSEAL type. I thought about the arm of those who purchase and made two kinds. Please choose one of either. This strap is really cool if you use it. Veg Tan Leather, unlike ordinary leather leather, it is soft and supersed. Also, as texture changes, we do not recommend applying wax or oil.


Normal: 75 mm X 130 mm (arm around 150 - 185 mm)

Long: 87 mm X 153 mm (around the arm 170 - 205 mm)

* Please check the actual size for the image. Returned goods when size is not suitable will not be accepted, so choose carefully.


You are more than 170 mm around the arm recommend this place.

For knife edged GPF engraved buckle for normal size, blast aged buckle for long tail is attached.


Please see the detail movie YOUTUBE at the end.



¥180,000 通常価格
  • ・本製品はエイジド加工(傷やシミを含む)が施されています。機能上の不具合以外は保証対象外です。