I’ve been thinking since I saw a watch like this specs 1960’s watch, When I thought I should be homage build received inspirations. It’s hard work to vintage finish, I can’t explain to write here all of them.

I began to build a case. Reshape crown guard to called point guard. That’s wonderful shape from lug line to jump up to the bezel. And thin lugs with german curved chamfer, Used fat spring bar.  Aged bezel without rotation stopper, And I built pearl dot with luminau.

This case attached mineral crystal, But I wanna Plexi for it, And I replaced #25-22 Plexi cristal, This plexi glass is 3rd party replace for vintage Daytona 6263 originally. I'm very luckey to have a same size of this watch. It's great to see a side veaw High-dome shapes.

And the dial ! I had a lot of the time to splayed a dial to tropic. Tropical dial is aging color fade away dial, I did expression with air brush hand splayed, Strarted Yellow base color, Splayed Dark brown, Light brown, And black, Than I print a index, And added a hand painted orange lumi, And finally aged processing. I had a many many times for consent myself.

Movement is Miyota ( Citizen ) Cal. 8215. Very simple general purpose moment made in Japan. It’s 2nd stage pull to adjust a time. *1st stage for date because it is general purpose movet.

Many watch maker uses this movement at the market.

Strap is cow leather, I built like a vintage. I love at 1st sight since I saw this leather material. I built for this watch dial image. *Do NOT use the leather cleaner does discoloration to top leather skins.

The case, Crown, Buckle are all no engraved, My goal is true Homagewatch !


This watch is NOT for beginner, I recomend for watch collecters, True watch lovers !





そして文字盤の製作に時間を費やしました。経年劣化で色が抜けた(元は黒)いわゆるTropical Dialと呼ばれる黄色がベースになる文字盤は、エアブラシで仕上げた後にシルク印刷し、ルミノールを手塗りした後にエイジド処理(ヴィンテージ加工)されています。自分が納得するまでやり直したのでかなりの時間を費やしました。






  • ・本製品はエイジド加工(傷やシミを含む)が施されています。機能上の不具合以外は保証対象外です。また、試作機のため試作上の荒が見えない部分に含まれる可能性があります。予めご了承下さい。

    バックル内部>小穴の一番短い部分 およそ173mm
    バックル内部>小穴の一番長い部分 およそ211mm

    尾錠と時計本体を含む全長     およそ255mm