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SPIISD DIY KIT is an open source project created by us, and we will also start selling DIY Kit  in this store.

Instructions on how to assemble is here.


Kit with complete set of parts
The kit comes complete with all parts except the cables, and the Arduino Nano comes with the program pre-installed.

/30 USD

*No cable is included. An internal IDC 20pin ribbon cable can be used. 
*Cannot be sent by Registered Mail.


The IDC 20-pin ribbon cable can be used as is for Apple's original 3.5 floppy cable. *We have prepared this as an option for other troublesome customers. Made in China, the grade is normal.


Usage information can be found here. Assembly is easy and all requires soldering.

My blog also has details:


This SPIISD is designed so that the SmartPortSD program can be used as is. PCB design by our founder Kay Koba.

SmartPortSD was created by three programmers. The basis of this program is SmartPortCF, written by Robert Justice. This was modified by Andrea Ottaviani, who was ported to Arduino hardware. It was later made available by Katherine Stark as a 32MB PO file in ProDOS format.


Assembly may require specialized knowledge. By joining our Discord, you can supplement these working methods and missing information.

The board color is currently only blue. 


Supported Apple II computers


- Apple IIc, IIc+

- Apple IIgs

- Apple IIe, IIe platinum, IIe euro platinum

- Apple II plus, II europlus, II J-plus 


*Apple IIe and IIplus requires Grappler Minus card.

For Apple IIc 255 ROM


Smartport will not be enabled if ROM 255 is installed(Probably ROM0 as well). To check the ROM of your IIc, run the following program from the Basic prompt.

PRINT PEEK (64447)

If the output number is "255", the ROM needs to be replaced. Please purchase the ROM flashing service ROM4x ($8)separately if you don't have a ROM programmer. Installing ROM4X requires replacing the ROM (DIP28 pin) and changing the solder jumpers of W1 and W2. It is written in detail here.
Here for YouTube on how to replace IIc ROM with Javier A. Rivera.


*Regarding ROM4X license, we contacted Michael Guidero, the author of ROM4X, to obtain permission. But this is an open source project.


My GitHub

My Blog

Disclaimer, The kit is to be assembled by the customer and we do not guarantee the following:
We do not warrant against injury or death to the customer, against damage to other equipment or fire resulting from the use of this product, or against the operation of this product
, accidental ingestion by infants.


Board Color: Blue
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