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A project forked from Mark Aikens, and we designed to be cost-effective for non-homebrew users. Performance and usage are based on the original project and program.
Our cards have a fresh design in black and purple, and the RP2040 board uses a badass clone.
Our cards are assembled in Japan, aiming for continuous supply and stable quality. 


How to use


It can be installed in any available expansion slot. The db15's VGA jack faces the keyboard (it cannot be installed in the opposite direction due to its shape), allowing you to display images on a VGA-compatible monitor. *HDMI conversion cables may not be compatible.


Below is a quote from Mark Aikens' repository that introduces the feature:

  • Generates a 640x480@60 VGA signal with 3 bits per color channel using resistor DACs
  • Text mode (monochrome)
  • Lo-res mode with no color fringing between the chunky pixels
  • Hi-res mode with simulated NTSC artifact color
  • Mixed lo-res and hi-res modes with monochrome text and no color fringing
  • Apple IIe video modes: 80-column text, double-lores, & double-hires (thanks to @dkgrizzly and @Paco1979)
  • Soft-monochrome mode to force display as if on a monochrome monitor
  • Some Video-7 RGB card extended graphical modes are implemented


PCB Color: ●Black / Purple
*Purple is in the prototype stage


Update is easy


Replacing the Apple IIe or IIPlus firmware is very easy. Connect to a modern computer via USB type-c cable while holding down the BOOT (or BOOTSEL) silk-printed switch. This is the same for Mac and Windows. Then it will be mounted as a removable media folder on your desktop, so drag and drop the .uf2 program to that folder, Wait a few seconds and it will unmount that's all! The latest V1.2 file can be found here.

A][ VGA MINI card

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