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On some early Macs, the tabs broke due to fatigue, and the tabs couldn't be fixed, or the batteries were exposed because there were no door in the first place ... We feel very sick.

So I thought of a cool way to fix it by lengthening the screws that fasten the case and battery and making the head smaller.


The filament uses ColorFabb RAL7044, which has a good reputation for its approximate color. Very similar to Apple's Platinum White. If we put a useless logo on it, the surface will be rough, so I didn't put anything in it, but the surface expresses the unevenness that was found on early Macs. Although it is 3D printed, we make high quality 3D prints in Japan. The heat nozzle line is designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, so if you look at it from a distance, you will not be able to see the nozzle line.


The screw is a special made Phillips small head countersunk screw, but usually the 8mm head is a 6mm head. The stainless steel screw has a brushed head, and when viewed from above, it looks like a BMW emblem and is cool.


Mac128K and 512K are also supported, but the colors are different because they are beige unlike Platinum White. We are currently considering making an aged product. *Please buy the current specifications only for those who do not mind the difference in color for the Mac128K and 512K beige case.

BackDoor Plus is based on Stephen Arsenault's "Macintosh Battery Compartment Door".

This has been improved by Kay Koba and Alan Williams of Kero's Mac Mods.

BackDoor Plus for MacPlus, Mac128K/512K

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