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We decided to make a mounter and back panel to easily adjust the SpicyO’Clock!. There are Mystic back panels that use open source files that have already been released, but they weren't very functional due to the misaligned connector output.


Kero ’s Mac Mods designed the Mystic back panel from scratch. Kay Koba converted the 2D data I created to SVG, and Alan Williams converted it to 3D and worked together. We are usually guitar repairmen, but we did this in between our main jobs.

Keeping your Mac running while you adjust the trimmer to change the CPU clock frequency makes things a lot easier. To make this possible, I devised a way to move the SpicyO’Clock! to the back and adjust it through the back panel. This is quite functional and recommended.


Better features

-All of the holes in this new back panel perfectly align with the motherboard connectors.

-The hole of the PDS connector has the genuine hole size (W40mm x H16.5mm), and the bracket of the PDS card fits perfectly.

-Although the slits are arranged at the same intervals as the genuine ones, they are vertically long and have better exhaust efficiency. In addition, the slit hole is thin so that it looks more 3D.

-Uses a translucent filament to make our VRAM LEDs and SpicyO’ClocK! LED looks beautiful.
-Mount bracket for SCSI access LEDs * Optional
-Mount bracket for SpicyO'Clock! *Optional, Stick it to the two serial connectors with double-sided tape, but you have to prepare the double-sided tape yourself.
-Takky panel supports PCI slot

The filament extrusion nozzle line, which can be seen as being made by a 3D printer, has been devised to be as thin as possible. We can't completely erase the line, but it should be much better than other 3D printed products.



-RAL7044 *Similar colors to Apple's Platinum White


Back panel types

This back panel has the following types.


- For Mystic (LC575 Logic board)

- For Mystic equipped with SpicyO’Clock!, with SpicyO’Clock! PCB mounter

- For Takky (AKA Power Color Classic) with PCI slot


Open Source

As soon as we're ready, we'll share the files we've created for those who want to create their own. Make all three variations above open source. If you don't like translucency, use ColorFabb's SILK GRAL RAL 7044, which is similar to Platinum White on your Mac. * It's a little expensive.

CC Mods Back Panel, 2 colors, 3D printed in Japan

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