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We made a substitute for the broken lock tab for LC, LCII, LCIII, LC475. You can repair the lock tab breaks that are especially common on the LC475. Made of 3D printing. Since it is difficult to print due to its shape, there is a slight distortion. To install it, simply remove the shield, cut off the reinforcing material on the back, and fix it with glue. I don't think this tab will be kept forever, so it's a good idea to use hot glue. Also, if it breaks, it will need to be replaced, but the movement of the tab has been minimized by reducing the protrusion of the lock so that it does not break easily.

Notes: Cases where hydrolysis occurs are slightly reddish. Cases from LC to LCIII are relatively durable. The filament we use is RAL7044 from colorFabb, a well-known substitute for Apple's platinum white, so unfortunately it's a bit greener than the hydrolyzed LC475 color. Approximate color to the case from LC to LCIII (RetrObrighted original color).


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