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PCB Color: Black, Red, Purple
Notes: We didn't make that many new colors, the additional cost will be 0.5 USD, Thank you.


- See here for detailed specs.

- And here is how to assemble this kit.


Introduce you 2 great Youtube Videos:

Bruce Rayne made a technical great Youtube video for your refarence:

Thank you, Bruce! 

JDW made another great Youtube video, different point of view:

Thank you, James!

Hackaday introduced this kit:
Thank you Maya!

Shipping Fee
If you only use this card, it can be delivered in the USA and CAN, AUS, NZ for only 7 USD (with a tracking number). Please contact us for other areas where we do not have a track record of shipping.


Product Summary
Designed to recycle leftover 72pin 16MB memory cards in your stock. If you have a lot of Mac collections, the 16MB that is wasted is often left in the drawer.

It's little hard to get a 30pin 4MB memory card now, but there are many models that can use it, so you may need a lot. In ClassicII, two of these are installed to reach the maximum memory capacity.

In SE/30, IIci and IIcx, 16MB memory can be made 128MB with 8 cards, but in reality, 128MB is rarely used. Four 4MB cards will be 16MB and 32Bit addressing is possible. If you install 8x 4MB cards, it will be 32MB and you will be able to run a lot of softwares.

Compatible DRAM chips
If it is a 16MB 72pin SIMM with 8 chips (+4 chip parity) configuration, conversion is possible.Confirmed usable 4MB DRAM chips: 71C17400 (GoldStar GM), 5117400 (Hitachi HIT, OKI M), 4F160411 (Samsung K), *44C4100 (Samsung KM), 417400 (Mitsubishi M5M), 517400 (Motorola MCM ), 417409 (Mitsubishi M5M)Read the memory chip conversion chart for compatible chips that work fine. *The 44C4100 is wider, so the space between the feet is wider than the pad area. In this case, the pitch is the same, so it can be installed, but it is difficult to install with a soldering iron. In this case you will need to work with a hot air station or reflow hot plate.

Compatible Parity chips
Parity Chip As those familiar with the configuration of this 2RAM chip know, the parity chip is optional. 

Parts that the user needs to prepare in addition to the kit:
SIZE Value Type Qty.

1206 0.1uF(100nF) 25V chip capacitor 12pcs

1206 330ohms resistor 4pcs

1206 chip LED* in your favorite color 4pcs

The above is an option with an additional 2USD


This item can be shipped by Registered Air Mail (W/ Tracking Number)

- 7.00USD ~ 100g, In order to prevent troubles such as being returned at customs in your country, we will limit it to 100g or less.
*For this card,Up to 3 pcs can be sent at one time.

Notes: All our original designs, but derived from our bro Drake designed 16MB of RAM (unreleased in our store). So we got only this 30pin card edge part from Zane Kaminski. Used with his permission.

SMC 4MB SIMM 30pin Memory Card DIY Kit

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