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This device is based on Steve Chamberlin's Apple Disk Drive A/B Switch, used with permission.

Instruction Manual here


We devised it to use FloppyEMU with Mystic(Color Classic with LC575 logicboard). *Currently under development for Color Classic(II). 

Due to the structure of ColorClassic, there is a device to prevent the internal floppy from being affected. When the switch is switched to the internal drive, it is connected to the internal drive at the shortest distance so that this Flippy-Floppy does not have a bad influence on noise. The internal floppy drive is also affected by the head that has lost its magnetism due to aging, and a long cable will cause a lot of noise. Long cables make FD unusable due to errors caused by noise.

*FloppyEMU has a structure that is not easily affected by noise, so the cable is 1M, but depending on the situation, the shorter the cable, the less the effect of noise.

For this reason, many people support the possibility that FloppyEMU cannot be used with ColorClassic. Steve Chamberlin doesn't own a ColorClassic so he wasn't able to test it, but SMC built a prototype of it and tested it, and we were fine with it. 




Usage is simple. When the toggle switch is down to mode A, the blue LED lights up and the internal drive is active. When the toggle switch is raised to the B mode, the green LED blinks and the external FloppyEMU (made by BMOW) can be used. Both A and B can be used as boot disks.

CAUTION: Make sure to turn off the power completely before switching, as this will damage the logic board's floppy controller chip.


Installation method


1. It is necessary to remove Mystic's analog board completely to work. There are many Youtube videos on how to remove the analog board.

2, Remove the 20-pin cable from the floppy drive and attach the main adapter. Attach a genuine (original) cable to the board's Output. Attach the extension cable to EXT.B. Attach the 5-pin cable to the switchboard to the pin header next to the box connector. (*Pic #1)

3. Pass the cable through the notch in the plastic chassis to the back panel and put the analog board back.

4. Once the Color Classic case back shell is put back in place, attach the switchboard and cable inlets to the back panel. (*Pic#2)
Since the inlet of the cable is IDC20 pin, FloppyEMU can be installed as it is. Attach the back panel and you are done.


Standard kit:

The back panel and extension cable are not included, so you can use it according to your ingenuity.

・Flippy-Floppy main adapter board

・Flippy-Floppy switch board

・Switch board cable (5 pin)

/26 USD


Deluxe kit: 

Includes Mystic back panel and extension cables. The Mystic with the imperfect panel also looks better, and the IDC20 inlet is firmly attached to the panel.

・Flippy-Floppy main adapter board

・Flippy-Floppy switch board

・Switch board cable (5 pin)

・20-pin FD extension cable for panel

・Rear panel and mounting screws

/54 USD

SMC Flippy-Floppy, FloppyEMU and internal floppy drive switcher kit

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