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After you've built Kai Robinson's SE Reloaded or Bolle's SE/30 Recreation, you're sick of the ugliness of older analog boards. The new logic board shines beautifully, but is almost invisible when stored in the chassis. But the old drab green analog board is in the most prominent position and always catches your eye...
Isn't there an analog board in the 2023 version anyway?


This SE Analog Board Resurrections is a replacement board for SE Analog Board designed with 1:1 (thickness 1.6mm). The difference is that there are parts that have been redesigned using the current parts, and that LEDs are placed in several places. Basically, just transfer the parts from the genuine board and it will work immediately.


BOM can be downloaded from here:

Analog Board BOM
Neck Board BOM


Note: Only Analog and Neck Bare PCBs are for sale, so I don't think you need to explain how to assemble and solder them, but be careful as they are high voltage. Assembly is allowed only if you agree to the notes on the PCB. We do not take any responsibility for failure of other equipment, injury, death or fire. note that.

Due to the nature of large PCBs, dents and scratches tend to be noticeable. This is what is at the time of delivery from the PCB company, and will be delivered to us within the scope of delivery. Please refrain from purchasing if you are looking for excessive beauty.
If you have any questions about this analog board, please contact us. Please do not ask questions to other YouTubers or manufacturers of other devices. Conversely, please don't ask us about logic boards of other manufacturers.

SMC SE Analog Board Resurrections

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