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Our Instruction Manuals here

Great JDW's Youtube instructions for the Mystic (LC575) 

Here is the Spicy O'Clock bracket for Mystic and the back panel with adjustment holes. Useful for installing Spicy O'Clock:


Very small overclocking devices made in Japan developed for 68040, Spicy O'Clock! Is a silicon oscillator unit that can set the clock arbitrarily from 37.6MHz to 51.8MHz. (Actually 1/2 clock because it is doubled by the clock driver on the logic board)

This breakthrough device can generate more stable clocks than crystal oscillators and can be finely clocked in 1/100 Mhz increments during overclocking.


Available models


LC475, LC575 (Mystic), LC(Performa)630, LC(Performa)588, Quadra (Centris) 650, Quadra (Centris) 800/840AV, Pioneer MPC-LX100(Mac 040clone)


For the above models, Spicy O'Clock! Can be used because the XC88916DW clock driver designed exclusively for 68040 generates twice the clock. In addition to the above (we have not verified), any model using the XC(MC)88916DW can be used.


Details here
Wiring diagrams here , for LC475, LC575(Mystic), Quadra650(Centris650), Quadra800


You can either solder a suitable cable or use a breadboard jumper cable (female-female). The jumper cable we have provided as an option is $ 2 for a set of four. *Cut it according to the logic board you use.

Spicy O'Clock!