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This is a SWIM chip adapter that allows you to upgrade an early SE to a 1989 SE FDHD (1.4MB Super Drive) without using SWIM on the DIP28. The SWIM chip can be used with a spare PLCC44.
There are more details on my blog.


Logic boards from which parts can be stolen: , Mac SE/30, LCI/II, Quadra700, and many more. You can recycle parts from your broken logic board.



-This is a low profile design that can be mounted as low as possible, so it can be installed with an accelerator.

-The IC pins are flat blades that are shaped like the legs of an actual IC.


Option #1:

PLCC44 SWIM Chip 344S-0061-(A)

/ 20 USD


*The chip is a used refurbished product that has been confirmed to work, so it may have some scratches. This time it was removed from our own scrap, so it is limited in quantity. The next shipment will be a little more expensive.


Option #2:

Our EPROM Flash Service

These are sets HI and LO, using two M27C1001s. The ROMs to be programmed are 1989 SE FDHD ROMs (two 128KB) 342-0701 and 342-0702. The pin layout is slightly different, so you will need to do the pin mod yourself, and this is not recommended for beginners. Information on pin mods can be found here.

/ 16USD (HI and LO ROM set), *The pins remain straight and no wiring is included.


We are developing a ROM generic board that does not require pin mods. Delivery date is not yet determined, but if you are not in a hurry, please wait for this.

Super Wh-IWM Swapper, PLCC44 to DIP28 SWIM adapter

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