Kero's Mac Mods Online Shop

I used a part of the site of my guitar repair company to make it a Kero's Mac Mods shop. It may be incomplete, but rest assured that it will work.


** Important notice about shipping method **


Originally we have a cheap and fast shipping method, but the operation is currently stopped due to the influence of the corona pandemic. The services we can currently ship are:


* For example, North America

- By SEA, Approximately 2 months required, fee 16USD

- EMS (Express Mail Service), required 4 to 8 days, fee 23 USD


Since the product weighs less than 500g, this shipping fee is OK.


I'm sorry I can only send it by expensive shipping method for a while. In addition, we will give you 1pcs of "Tune-O-Gear" to apologize for the inconvenient shipping method.

We will switch to the cheaper method as soon as the operation status changes.