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Kero's Mac Mods Online store

I used a part of the site of my guitar repair company Infinity Products to make it a Kero's Mac Mods Store. 

Important Notices:

Japan Post has increased the price from June 1, 2022.

From the Japan Post website below:

"Japan Post will raise the price of EMS (Express Mail Service) and international parcels from June 1, 2022. In addition, there are some changes in the price. First, the" zone "where the price changes depending on the country / region. Reorganize and change the weight stage of parcel post (aviation) every kilogram. In addition, the EMS special additional charge due to the soaring transportation costs due to the decrease in air transportation volume will be applied to international parcels (air). "


Along with this, the charges will be revised as follows (charges up to 500g):

New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Middle East, Europe


Asia (excluding China, South Korea and Taiwan)


China / Korea / Taiwan


*EMS flights are currently stopped in Canada, Australia and Belgium. It can be shipped only if the package can be sent in the name of the company.Yamato Transport will carry it.


We will continue to give one Tune-O-Gear gift. Thank you for your understanding.

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